Hospitality Studies

Breaking News:  In 2019 we appointed a qualified Chef, Ms Nadia van Zyl in the hospitality centre.

The hospitality centre was established in May 2014.  The project was initiated in 2010 by Mrs Leonie van Tonder and reached completion under the guidance of Mr Jan Labuschagne.  The combination of Mrs van Tonder’s initiative and passion for the subject and Mr Labuschagne’s technical knowledge and insight led to the realisation of the centre.  The project took a lot of team work and some of the other key role players who assisted in the process were Mrs Nicky Ras and the Gauteng Department of Education.


In 2014, we had an initial group of learners who took Hospitality Studies as a subject.  Learners are now exposed on both a technical and practical level to one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in our country.  The centre consists of a walk-in fridge, pantry, kitchen and restaurant area.  The subject hospitality studies provides learners with an opportunity to display their skills at school functions. Grade 10 - 12 learners can enroll for this subject. An annual cake bake competition is offered by the Chef for hospitality learners.



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