School Song


Ons is die Hoërskool Uitsig
'n Skool met durf en dryfkrag
Trots en getrou bly streef ons
Na kennis en verryking
Toekomsgerig bly bou ons
Volhard ons, vertrou ons
Hier sal ons werk in liefde
In hoop en in geloof
We're very proud of Uitsig
To stand with trust and glory
Here where we start our future
That'll be our lifelong story
We'll vindicate our values
Our trust and our faith will be there
Let's be a team together
In work and play we'll say
Toekomsgerig ons leuse
Ons oë gerig op Hom.



Our school symbol exemplifies what lives in and is anchored in each learner’s heart with regard to traditional and ethos.  It makes us proud to be a part of this school, to live in our community and to work together to promote our collective ideals and each individual’s dream for the future.

School emblem

The three peaks symbolise how culture, sport and academics go together in order to ensure a balanced education based on Christian norms and values.

The three edges which point up symbolise our dependence on God en our ambition to reach greater heights in all that we do.  The reeds in the base of the emblem connect us to service delivery in our environment and the fact that we are located in The Reeds.


School motto

The motto of our school is “future oriented” challenges everyone to work for the future.  We believe that our country holds a promising future for us and we are willing to see and realise all opportunities we are presented with on a daily basis and accept them as a personal challenge, whether learner, parent or teacher, to grow.  Our strength lies in the inner strength of each individual involved with the school is willing to work for his/her school, community and creator.


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At Uitsig the chilli means luck, joy, excitement, extra flavour and zoom.


Our Arts Department is involved in a wide variety of art theoretical and practical components.