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Uitsig High School

Uitsig High School is an English Medium School based in The Reeds, Centurion with a beautiful view of the surrounding areas.  At Uitsig, learners interact with each other in a multi-cultural environment. In addition to English, we offer three indigenous languages, namely Afrikaans, IsiZulu and Setswana. 

Message from our Principal

The word “Uitsig” can be loosely translated to view, vision or outlook. A viewpoint is a powerful tool. The telescope enlarges our view upward. The microscope enlarges our vision downward into the smallest minutiae. The binocular enlarges our vision of things far away seemingly in the future. Learning and education enlarges our vision inward adding confidence and adding good prospects to our lives. Faith in God gives hope to enlarge our vision everywhere. Let us at Uitsig High School look out and seek a view and a vision of hope, positive thoughts and enthusiasm that goes beyond our immediate challenges. Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all of us. Our most sincere condolences to those who have lost a loved one or hat to adapt to the realities of health complications or job losses. With the Lord next to you, there is an opportunity for a life of significance.

As a school and community, we invest in our learners to achieve their goals in life. We are not just a place of “learning for earning”. Yes, we definitely want our learners to become earners and leaders of the future. To generate enough income to take care of their own family, but beyond that, to also create jobs and salaries for other people.

However, the true purpose of education is growth; to open wider and wider the viewpoints of impression and the expression of knowledge needed to flourish in the world that awaits. Our academic focus is collectively targeted to prepare learners to become leaders in their fields of interest. Learners are prepared to rise above adversity and to take leading roles to be successful with a significant positive impact on society. Our gratitude to our educators, support staff, parents and SGB for your endeavours.

All our subjects contribute to realizing goals of growth and learning:

  • Languages are the mediums to successfully understand and engage in all other learning areas in our curricula. They are vital for successful communication in the future workplace.
  • Life Orientation lays the foundation for personal well-being. Learners are enabled to develop positive engagement with stakeholders.
  • Mathematics develops reasoning skills. It helps to calculate, assess and demonstrate costing, sustainability and quantities.
  • ICT (CAT and IT) prepares learners to optimize the effective use of a computer and to apply various programs. The World Wide Web could be engaged to research international best practices, guiding development, and planning the execution of projects.
  • Economic and Management Sciences is all about the world of business and how to manage resources for maximum impact.
  • Technology supports accurate planning and design of requirements.
  • Arts: In today’s dynamic world, we need to showcase design, branding, and ideas.
  • Hospitality Studies covers the food industry. It contributes to the service ethic in South Africa by developing operational skills in the hospitality industry.
  • Sciences: The things we do and our quality of life are dependent on Physical; and Life Sciences. We need to implement a world of knowledge to be dynamic and at the cutting edge of innovation.
  • Tourism and Social Sciences: A tremendous scope of development and integration exists if we can succeed to employ the required networks and resources.

May your view and vision at Uitsig High School be bright, filled with light, determination and during success.

Dr. Gerhard Maré

Chillie Mascot

At Uitsig the Chilli Mascot means JOY EXCITEMENT FIRE ZOOM


School Hall Hire:

Our school hall can be rented @ at R1 700-00 per day.  An additional R1 000-00 non-refundable deposit is also required upon booking.  T’s & C’s apply.  

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