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To ensure continuous assessment and the importance of building your child’s future, enough time is provided for assessment at Uitsig High School. Specific dates for a test cycle is determined before the start of the academic year for each term. On those days, learners write tests under the supervision of the register teacher. Learners also write formal exams in the second and fourth semester and the grade 12’s also write their preparatory exams in the third semester. Marks for tests are available to learners and parents/guardians after seven days.

Besides the above assessments, portfolio assessment work exists within study areas as per the assessment guidelines of the specific subjects.

Mondays are reserved for academic afternoons at our schools.  Academic work then gets preference above any other activity from 14:15 to 15:15.  Academic personnel are available to assist learners with work and appointments can be made to discuss concerns regarding specific subjects.

Within the first and second semesters, grade 12’s receives compulsory, free extra classes in Maths and Science.  The classes are presented as per a pre-arranged time-table on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 14:15 to 15:30.  During the third semester when the grade 12’s  prepare for the preparatory exams, compulsory extra classes commence within the same subjects for the grade 11’s.

The success of  Uitsig’s grade 12 results is to a great extend as a result of the valuable inputs from the grade 12 subject teachers.  During the July school holidays interested grade 12’s can attend a winter school at a fee, where specific  attention is given to important work before the exams.

The governing body is serious about academics and therefore extra teachers apart from those allocated to the school by the Department of Basic Education.  The aforementioned ensures smaller class sizes and individual attention for learners.  

2010 - 100 %
2011 - 100 %
2012 - 98 %
2013 - 98 % 
2014  -97 %
2015 - 98 %
2016 - 96.5 %
2017 - 96 %
2018 - above 90 %
2019 - above 90 %
2020 - 95.73%
2021 – 93.13%