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The safety and security of every learner at Uitsig High School is of the utmost importance to the School Governing Body, the Executive Committee, and each member of the academic staff. Discipline is therefore equally important to the functioning of the school. This falls under the purview of the Discipline Office, which is fully equipped with monitors linked to the camera system installed across school grounds. This office is managed by the Head of Security who is aided by the Discipline Assistant.

The Discipline Office also works closely with three (3) dedicated guards from the PRSS security firm. Their duties include roaming school corridors & assisting academic staff in difficult or delicate situations. Additionally, the guards are trained in crowd control. Each security guard is equipped with body cams and two-way handheld radios. The school currently makes use of armed response services, which are supplied by MonitorNet. Their services are of the highest quality, providing excellent protective services to the school and the community with which Uitsig High School works in close relation.

The school’s dedicated staff endeavour to create a disciplined, positive, and productive learning environment. The learners remain the top priority of the school. Uitsig High School adopts a teaching style centring a Christian perspective and the instilment of values such as excellence, compassion, positive thoughts, integrity and respect. It is the belief of the school that these values function in tandem with discipline.Adherence to the rules and regulations of the school is incredibly important and parents are implored to discuss these rules and regulations with the learners. Contact time with subject educators is essential, and as such, punctual arrival and regular school attendance is paramount.

Any incidences of bullying, conflict or the perpetration of injustices against a learner or educator’s human right are dealt with immediately upon reporting. Each and every learner and staff member ought to be treated with respect and provided with a safe environment. The School Management Team will not tolerate any occurrences of intimidation and pursuant to the South African School’s Act, immediate action will be taken against the transgressors. These transgressors will be subject to disciplinary hearings involving themselves, their parents, the School Governing Body and members of the school management. Consequently, transgressors may be handed down heavy suspensions.

In case of emergency, Uitsig High School has set in place an Emergency Plan, also known as a Crisis Preparedness and Response Model. These policies are upheld and maintained by the Emergency Response Team who will step into action should any of the following crises arise: mass bunking, lockdowns, violence or abuse, fire, extreme weather and/or other emergent situations.