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Admissions Period & Process Grade 8, 2025

At this point, the admission period for 2025 has yet to be confirmed by the Gauteng Department of Education.

With the assumption that the admission process will be the same as it was in 2023, and to assist you in being prepared when admissions open, we would like to share the following information:

  • Applications may only be submitted via the Gauteng Department of Education’s e-admissions portal, which you can find at
  • Upon successful submission of the Online Admission Application Form, the parent shall be provided with a Waiting List Number in writing in terms of Regulation 5(3) and Regulation 5(5). The written waiting list number(s) of the school(s) applied to will be sent via SMS to the cell phone number provided by the parent during the application. Further communication and updates will be conveyed through the GDE Admissions website and the SMS mode.

The following information is required to complete your e-application:

  • Learner’s ID number
  • Both parents’ ID numbers / Passport numbers
  • Residential address of parents
  • Work address of parents
  • Name of current primary school
  • Please ensure that the cell phone number you use when applying is a working cell phone number as all correspondence will be sent to this number.

Certified documents to be uploaded on the e-portal within seven (7) days of submitting your e-application are:

  • Certified copy of learner’s unabridged birth certificate.
  • Learner’s first term school report.
  • Proof of residential address (City of Tshwane account if you own the property, no older than three (3) months) or lease agreement, as well as a copy of the ID of the lessor. NB: only official lease agreements from an estate agency will be accepted, no lease agreements downloaded from the internet will be accepted. Note that this information will be verified in collaboration with the Deeds Office.
  • Proof of work address – when using your work address when applying.
  • Certified copies of both parents’ IDs.

NB: Placement of learners is done by the Department of Education and strictly according to the distance which an applicant resides from the school as well as the
capacity of the school.

Options with which parents can apply in order of which will be given preference by the GDE:

1. Home address
2. Sibling (if you are going to use this option, you need to have the details of the learner currently in Uitsig at hand when applying online)
3. Previous school
4. Work address
5. Living within 30 km of the school
6. Living 30 km and beyond from the school

If you make use of the other options, your child will only be placed at Uitsig if space is available.

Because Uitsig is a high-pressure school with a low turnover, you are advised to apply to more than one school.

Parents are welcome to submit supporting documents from Monday, 15 April 2024, either via email or at the school. However, parents need to be aware that they still have to apply on the GDE online e-portal, even though they have already submitted the documents.

Contact person for Grade 8 applications:
Ms Estelle Malan / (012) 661 5525

School fees for 2024
R31 790 p.a. – textbooks and exercise books included.
School fees for 2025 are to be determined at the budget meeting in October.

Grade 9 – 11 Enrolments for 2025 Open on Wednesday, 3 April 2024 at 07:00!


When applying to Uitsig High School, parents have three (3) options to choose from, namely:

Application forms are available on the school’s website, at the school, or via email.

The following documents must accompany the duly completed application form or be uploaded onto the d6+ platform:

  • Learner’s unabridged birth certificate
  • Learner’s final results of 2023
  • Learner’s first term results of 2024
  • Parents’ IDs
  • Proof of residence no older than three (3) months. If the property is not in your name, a valid lease agreement together with a
    municipal bill in the name of the owner and a copy of the owner’s ID must be submitted. Note that these details will be verified in
    collaboration with the Deeds Office.

When applying on d6+, parents who currently have children studying at Uitsig High School can link the details of this child with the one for whom they are applying. Once registered on d6+, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt via email. The following link may be used to register on the d6+ system:

NB: Given that applications may be made in one of three (3) ways, submissions from all three (3) methods will be examined and compared when collating the 2025 waiting list. Acceptance for Grades 9 through 11 is determined on a first come first, first served basis. As such, the date and time of submission are the determining criteria used for assigning a place on the waiting list, along with the space available, as well as whether the applicant resides within the school’s feeder zone. When an application is submitted to the school, an acknowledgement of receipt containing a number will be issued. However, this is not an indication of placement on the waiting list, as these numbers will be determined by comparing dates and times from each of the three (3) submission methods. For instance, should the number on the acknowledgement of receipt be 25, it is not equivalent to obtaining the 25 th place on the waiting list.

Any enquiries can be directed to