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Leadership Development

Representative Council of Learners:

Leadership development already commence in Grade 8.  This development is based on the Department of Education’s Policy for a Learner Representative Council/Reprecentative Council of Learners.  According to this policy, two representatives in each grade are democratically selected.  This RCL has several duties and functions within the school environment.  Representation on the Governing Body of the school is the most important function.

Duties and functions of an RCL member:

Class representation:

  • Represent the class at the RCL Meetings
  • Suggestions
  • School rules

Service delivery:

  • Gate services with home gatherings
  • Fundraising for school projects
  • Personnel birthdays
  • Parent evenings
  • Grade month – arrangements, sales, class motivation
  • Spring day – class theme, activities, slogan etc.

The RCL Executive Committee

The executive council consists of Grade 11 learners who apply to serve the learners and school in this manner. They are then democratically selected. The Student Council serves as Executive Committee of the RCL where the school activities are planned and organised. The Student Council is divided into several committees, each with their own deputy leader.

The twelve RCL Executive Committee portfolios are as follows:

  • Head Boy & Head Girl
  • Academics (boy and girl)
  • Culture (boy and girl)
  • Sport (boy and girl)
  • Social & Charity (boy and girl)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary