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School Fees

Our SGB AGM was held on 9 November 2023. A resolution was adopted for compulsory school fees for the 2024 academic year. The fees are structured as follows: 

1st Child:  R31,790.00 & 2nd Child or more: R30,200.00

In terms of Section 40 of the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996 you are liable to pay these fees. In terms of Section 40 of the SA Schools Act we may enforce this payment by taking legal action. Schools have been exempted from the National Credit Act as this is a statutory debt. This debt may not be referred to a debt counselor for debt review. Should you wish to apply for exemption on the above school fees, please contact the Finance Dept from January 2024.  A Non-Refundable Confirmation Fee of R1500.00 per learner, is payable before the end of the current school year.  This fee will be deducted from the 2024 tuition fees.  According to SASA school fees are payable in advance and due on the 1st day of school. Uitsig High School would like to accommodate our parents with the following payment options with Terms and Conditions: 

  • Fees can be paid in full.
  • Fees can be paid off in 11 monthly equal instalments. Should you default in paying your monthly instalments the full outstanding balance becomes payable immediately.
  • Should you pay via Debit Order and all 11 instalments are successful, you will receive a discount of 3% (**) on the school fees, which will be credited at the end of the year, to the following year’s fees or refunded to your account, should the learner be in Gr12.  Should your DO be returned, the costs involved will be billed back to the account, as per a resolution from the AGM.

Should all payments be received before the 7th of the month, you will also qualify for a discount of 3% on your last payment.

PLEASE NOTE:  Payments to be made directly into the school’s bank account with the following details: (Cash will not be accepted for School Fees)

Hoërskool Uitsig  –  
ABSA Bank Mall @ Reds  (632-005) 
Account Number: 326-0142-363 
Reference: Your Child’s Admin Nr (NB)

School Fee for Uitsig High School 2024 Breakdown

Child Date Amount Percentage Discount Total Due If R1500 Reg Pd
1st 31/12/2023 R31,790.00 7% R2,225.30 R29,564.70 R28,064.70
2nd 31/12/2023 R30,200.00 7% R2,114.00 R28,086.00 R26,586.00
1st 31/01/2024 R31,790.00 6% R1,907.40 R29,882.60 R28,382.60
2nd 31/01/2024 R30,200.00 6% R1,812.00 R28,388.00 R26,888.00
1st 28/02/2024 R31,790.00 5% R1,589.50 R30,200.50 R28,700.50
2nd 28/02/2024 R30,200.00 5% R1,510.00 R28,690.00 R27,190.00
Debit Order with no Unpaids Discount to be Refunded
1st Per Month R31,790.00 3% R953.70 ** R2,890.00 pm R2,754.00 pm
2nd Per Month R30,200.00 3% R906.00 ** R2,745.00 pm R2,610.00 pm
Regular Monthly Payment Breakdown (January to November)
1st Per Month R31,790.00 - R0.00 R2,890.00 pm R2,754.00 pm
2nd Per Month R30,200.00 - R0.00 R2,745.00 pm R2,610.00 pm