School Fees

Please note that all school fees are due and payable on the first day of school.

  1. Payment made by EFT, direct bank deposit or credit card:
    Due by the 1st day of each month –
    1. Use only your child’s account number as a reference. For inquiries about the account information and referral, please contact the finance office at (012 661 5525). Press for finance.
    2. The proof of payment may be e-mailed to (not necessary if you use the correct reference).
    3. The terms of payment lapse if a parent does not keep these payments up to date and the full amount is due immediately.
    4. The school fees annually: 2022 – 1st child R27 770-00, 2nd child R26 380-00.
  2. Payment made by Debit order:

    This is the preferred form of the monthly payment and would soon become the only acceptable form for monthly payments.

    Please obtain the debit order form from the finance office.  This is renewable on an annual basis.  All debit order forms should be returned to the school no later than 18 January.

    Bank details:

    ABSA:  3260142363, HOËRSKOOL UITSIG
    Mall@Reds:  336345

  3. Exemptions:


    1. Please be aware that exemptions may be applied for on an annual basis and will be dealt with in accordance with the GDE guidelines and policy as well as the South African school’s Act (as amended). In determining full or partial exemption to take the governing body in terms of the regulation of the state newspaper in calculating the gross salary of both parents as a percentage of the fees.
    2. Applications for exemptions (accompanied by all the required documentation) must be handed in to the finance office no later than 31 January of each year. All application forms that are submitted after that date must be accompanied by a letter which you motivate the late submission.
  4. As we shared with parents during the Annual meeting the school and its cash flow is reliant on the prompt payment of school fees. When school fees falls in arrears the school runs the risk of not being able to honour its responsibilities as we cannot leave our learners without electricity or have teachers not receiving their salaries.  This would seriously impair our ability to provide quality education to our learners and community. The school will record the non-payment of school fees to a bureau.  A parent’s school fee debt (to the extent that they have been exempted) is a statutory obligation and thus takes priority over other voluntary debts as listed under voluntary programmes. Money received will first be allocated to school fees.
  5. The school has the right to verify all information supplied to them and retains the right to act against parents that intentionally provide false information.

Uitsig High School and the School Governing Body are proud to be part of a community for whom quality education is a priority.