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Academic Support

Not many schools have the privilege of having an SBST (School Based Support Team) on staff who aim to help learners achieve at the best of their ability.  At Uitsig High School, enormous effort is made to assist each learner in overcoming any obstacles which might prevent the learner from achieving to the best of his or her ability.  Attention is given to learners who require assistance with improving their marks, learners with learning difficulties and also those with psycho social problems.

Three aspects are of utmost importance for the SBST:

Affectionateness:  this implicates devotion, respect and sincere concern.

Authenticity:  this implicates spontaneity, without impulsiveness but with honesty without insensitivity.

Empathy:  this implicates an open honest person who does not discriminate, who does not act superior and whose actions towards others will always be consistent.

The school employs a full-time school counsellor that forms part of the SBST team.  She is available to support both learners and parents/guardians.

Contact Mr Warren Campodonico tel (012) 661-5525 for any enquiries or should you require his services.

We also have a group of trained Peer Counselors (learners) at our school.