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Recognition of Achievement

The school gives recognition to learners that perform in any school activity.

Four merit evenings are held on an annual basis.  These boasting events consist of the following:

January:  Cum Laude evening (Grade 8 – 11 academics evening)

October:  Sport merit evening

October:  Grade 12 Cum Laude evening

October:  Culture merit evening

The merit system functions on four levels, and consists of specific stipulations for academics, leadership, sport, culture, social and extramural school achievements.  The four levels of recognition are as follows:

Level 1:  Certificates

Level 2:  Colours

Level 3:  Honorary Colours

Level 4:  Medal of Honour

Special Awards

Besides the above levels, all learners that perform above average also receive trophies and their names are placed on the Roll of Honour.

The Honorary Blazer is a special and unique acknowledgement which was established by the Principal.  Merit evenings usually come to a close by dressing the learner with the blazer.  This award is not a given and is only awarded if a worthy candidate exists.

Top 10 breakfast:  The top 10 academic learners in each grade attend a Top 10 breakfast at a restaurant twice a year.